My work is an intuitive adventure of exploring the dynamics of emotions through form, structure and color. I look to capture the energy of these elements and their interaction in the space that they occupy. Taking my head out of my work, I strive to achieve spontaneous mark making; quickly applying layers as I build the painting.

Howard Brotman was born in Philadelphia, PA and attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY majoring in drawing and illustration. He established himself as a graphic artist in New York City for 15 years and left the field to pursue other interests. In 2004, after twenty-some years, he re-visited art again by drawing the figure at the Art Students League. His love of drawing took hold as the figure became the catalyst to pursue his passion for art again. Upon his return to art in early 2006 he moved away from the classic, academic methodology and began to explore his interest in minimal geometric shapes and lines. He continued to explore these abstract images as interpretations of life’s experiences when he was 
diagnosed with cancer. This event was an alarm that life is short and it was time to get back to his roots and continue his creative journey. Since relocating back to the Philadelphia area in 2008, Mr Brotman has explored the grid and developed several series around this minimalistic format such as Dark Spot, Abstracted Details and Leaves. His use of paint is mostly intuitive, looking to capture space by making marks that build and take shape in a congruent and oppositional way.


2019 Juried show, Abington Art Center, Philadelphia PA

2017 Two Person Show, Boston Street Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Annual Juried Show Abington Art Center, Philadelphia PA (juried, Leah Modigliani) 

2015 Annual Spring Gala Exhibition Main Line Art Center, Philadelphia PA (juried, Pam Regan) 

2014 Artists Unite! Project Fishtown 2, Philadelphia PA September 5-7, 2014  52 artists / 175 works of art

2013 Artists Unite! Project Fishtown, Philadelphia PA
September 6-8, 2013  19 artists / 100 works of art

Created, organized and produced this 3 day event. Artists Unite! was created for artists to show early works - some never seen before - to people who appreciate art. By exhibiting these works that have been stored away and selling them at affordable prices, the artists will generate revenue to support their current projects. The debut of this show will be held in a 6,000 sq ft loft space in Fishtown. The launch of the show will be September 6-8, 2013.
2011 Emergence, Two Person Show, Nichols Berg Gallery, Chestnut Hill PA 

2011 Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Philadelphia PA 
(annual juried show)
2010 Two Commerce Square, Philadelphia PA 
(lobby exhibition)

2009 Two Person Show, Equinox, Abstract Expressions Gallery, Mount Holly NJ 
2009 Bloomingdale's Willow Grove PA
Dark Spot series exhibited in waiting area of executive offices

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